From The Duke  The Deliduka Family
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Thomas: Born in Florida in 1973, moved to Minnesota in 1980. Moved back to Florida in December, 1988. Graduated High School in '91. Went to Franciscan University. Met Holly there in 1994. Graduated with a degree in Computer Science in 1995. Married Holly August 17, 1996. Worked for International Conference Management, then CatholiCity. Had my own business for a while and then was bought by Xenocast where I became their IT Manager, and later Main Programmer. After leaving Xenocast for a consulting position at Information Control Corporation, I was contacted in December of 2006 by the Columbus Museum of Art. They hired me for the position of Director of Information Technology. We're now living in Columbus, Ohio.

Holly: Born in December, 1973. Grew up in Columbus, Ohio, graduated high school in '92. Went to school at Franciscan University graduated 1996 with a Bachelor's in Nursing. Achieved my RN later that summer. You know when I was married. Worked for a time with the Red Cross drawing blood and then became a full-time Mom when Daniel was born. I am an inactive La Leche League leader and am also a member of Regnum Christi. In 2005 I went to Omaha Nebraska to train to be a FertilityCare Practitioner helping with infertile couples and those who want to learn the Creighten Model of NFP.

Daniel Joseph: Born November 14, 1997.

Paul Michael: Born July 26, 1999.

Jonathan Thomas: Born April 30, 2001.

Dominic Patrick: Born June 20, 2003.

NIcholas Charles: Born February 16, 2006.

Joseph Peter: Born April 18, 2008.

Andrew James: Born January 13, 2010.