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December, 2000 Update
Uploaded on December 6, 2000

Wow, it's been a very long time. Since updated this thing!

Dan: We are learning a lot about Daniel and how he is growing at this stage of his life. Somewhere in the past we may have gone wrong. We didn't assert our will on our child enough so he is defiant now. In addition to that, Daniel is a very strong-willed child. We speculated and tested on whether or not he had a food allergy that would cause this activity and have found that it isn't conclusive. He goes through cycles of good behavior and bad behavior, mainly about every two weeks. During the good weeks he's very sweet, helpful, learns a lot, and can be the perfect genleman. Bad weeks are quite the opposite. All-in-all Daniel is very sweet and is growing to be a good young man. Based on what we have learned over the last month about his behavior, we're doing a better job as parents for him.

Paul: Paul is starting to say some words, toddling around a lot and is very intelligent (IMHO). He surprises us all the time when he's able to deduce things that Daniel never had previously or ahead of what Dan learned them. I'm sure part of it is Dan's influence on him. He's also a very much of a climber. He knows all about pulling chairs across the floor to get to the counter and he likes to sit on the dinner table. All-in-all he's a very sweet boy.

Family News: Well, there has been a lot that has happened since the last update. We've had two birthdays, Paul 1 (7/24) and Daniel 3 (11/14). We moved into our new house, got a new car because we needed to. And, the reason for the new car... Holly is pregnant with our third child! She is due at the end of April. I generalize the due date now because the last two she was induced early. I apologize for not telling y'all about the great news it's just that I wanted to wait for the update to the website and I never did the update!

Things are trudging along in the household. They're building houses around us and if you take a gander at my Live WebCam shot, every once in a while I have it pointed at the dudes across the street building the house. Some people were lucky enough to watch them add the roof to the house! It was cool.