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June, 2000 Update
Uploaded on June 25, 2000

Thomas: Had my birthday, June 8. It was really great. I had a great time with many friends. I am grateful to be alive. So, any wisdom that I've learned in 27 years? Well, I haved learned that I need to stop talking. But even though I've learned that, I haven't actually learned to put it into practice. Perhaps this year!

Holly: Holly brings up the boys the way they should be brought up. She is a loving mother and it's wonderful to see her play with and take care of them. Her weeks are starting to fill up, which is good. She goes to play groups, Rosary groups, Regnum Christi and LeLeche League. The pool here on the complex has been a pretty regular occurrence this month too. The boys just love it.

Daniel: Well, Dan had a tooth which was pretty darn infected and it was affecting his whole mouth. This was around the beginning of the month. He started complaining about it and we took him to the doctor. the antibiotics weren't helping and so eventually his tooth was pulled. The dentist said that it was a cavity that latched onto the root and drilled right to the bottom of the tooth. Holly and I were feeling really bad that we must not have brushed his teeth well enough and all this and the dentist said that his teeth have really deep grooves and no matter how much we brushed him it probably still would've happened. (I had to put that in there so y'all didn't think we were horrible parents, of course, but it's true!)

The neat thing is that he didn't cry or anything when they took out the tooth, they gave him the laughing gas, then the novacaine (sp) and gripped the tooth and pulled it right out. No argument. Dan was only upset when he had to leave, he wanted to stay there longer!

In other Daniel news, he's becoming quite the swimmer, he has this little innertube bathing suit, thingie he looks really cute in. And he stays afloat and flies all around the pool. It's great!

Paul: Paul is a dear. He's a very happy baby but still very attached to his mom. He crawls like a champ and can stand up without even thinking about it. He can walk along furniture and such, you know, just holding on and he's been caught standing on his own for periods of 2 seconds. :-) His hair gets more red as the days go by, he's definitely my son. :-)

House News: The house has begun framing, they have the floor in above the basement, unfortunately the pictures I have only show up to the basement.