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April, 2000 Update
Uploaded on April 22, 2000

I guess every two months is getting to be a habit for me.

Thomas: Nothing much, just working. I don't do much of anything else. Oh, but there is one development in my life! Columbus will be pioneering the starting of an Alumni Chapter and I was made Secretary. I will be in charge of keeping all the contacts, updated, take notes at meetings, and I'll be setting up a chapter website. (With all the time I've got!)

Holly: Holly is a wonderful wife and mother. The more I see her with the kids, the more I fall in love. I think all-in-all with all the slacking I do as a father, she does rather well. :-)

Daniel: Daniel's vocabulary is expanding a great deal. And we can add two more things to the list food that he'll eat! Hot Dogs & Oranges! Well, at least he eats the skin of the hot dogs. He desperately needs a haircut but we can't keep him still long enough to accomplish one. He's getting quite adept at using the computer. We got him a toddler game and he zips right through it.

Paul: Two months ago we reported Paul had two teeth, shortly after that he got four more! He is beginning to move a little, he can't seem to go forwards, only backwards. Paul and Daniel are like night and day, completely different. One thing we found is that when Paul has his mind set on something (like something to play with), he must have it. If you take it away, he's so distraught. Daniel would simply just move onto the next thing.

Big News: Well, I wanted this site up earlier so I could get y'all praying for us quicker, but I didn't. Holly and I are now trying for a house! Turns out, we could afford a new build much better than an existing house. So we're squeezing into it (financially). We're under scrutiny for the next several months so please please pray for us that we can get final approval. We have been pre-approved until such time as the house is almost finished and then they go over everything again. We are hanging by a thread there. We can afford the payments, that's not a problem, it's convincing the bank that we can.

So, I may have to report at the end of the summer that the house we built will not be ours so please pray that doesn't happen!