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February 2000 Update
Uploaded on February 20, 2000

Once again I wait more than 2 months to update the website. And, unfortunately, we haven't gotten any new pictures developed so these are Christmas pictures!

Me & Virtual Construction: For those of you who don't know. Virtual Construction has been melded into a new company. The company is New Eve Media. New Eve came to me with a job offer and agreed to bring my clients in and take care of them. After a couple of days of hard praying and thinking, I decided to take the job and so I'm a full-time employee. The great things are that I get to still work from home and I have a steady paycheck.

My New Job is the administrator of 6 Servers which reside in Boston, MA. I manage them from my computer here. The company hosts and designs websites. I handle the Mail Server, Domain Names, Setting up of Websites and occasionally a little of programming. My job has many other duties but those are the main ones.

Holly: In her own words: "Same Old Same old." From what I see: Holly is well into motherhood here with these two children. It makes me proud to see how hard she works and how well he handles these boys (including me). My wife is a pillar of strength.

Daniel: Daniel is still in his terrible twos. He's getting a LITTLE better. I personally can't wait until we can allow him to draw with his crayons without him eating them. You know, the boy won't eat any sort of real food but he is happy to eat pebbles, crayons, and soap.

His vocabulary has widened quite a bit and he can communicate rather well. He still has this way of talking though which is rather funny. He will mumble the same thing for the first 3 words of the sentence and then the last word is the subject. For instance, he wants his shoes on, he'll say, "garble garble garble shoes!" or "garble garble garble bed", etc.

I will say, today at Mass, Daniel was the most well behaved little boy, I was very proud of him. He has his moments. :-)

Paul: Paul is still a very happy baby, you can pretty much make him laugh at anytime. One nasty habit he's getting into which is probably going to be impossible to break. He screams. When he's bored, wants attention or is uncomfortable, he will screech at the top of his lungs this high pitch ear piercing scream. It's enough to make you go insane.

Paul now sits rather well and rolls over. Oh, and he's got two teeth!