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Birthdays/Good News
Uploaded on July 30, 2005

It's been a year since our last update. More than a year, I guess. Tom has been a slacker between work, Theology and a Pub, Mor(e)on Trivia, and family life.

The boys are all growing up so fast! We don't have to follow the 'children under 6" rules for medicine anymore, heh. It's hard to believe Dan will be 8 at the end of this year!

Here is our individual family news...

Thomas: Still working at home. Still with Xenocast, just working on programming sites and managing the servers. We had a move from Massachusetts to Arizona with our servers, that was a major undertaking but it was fun and exciting.

Because he works from home, Tom was very instrumental in getting the drug dealers across the street raided and eventually out of the neighborhood. He would keep tabs on the buyers and keep accurate records of the activity, including license plate numbers, and then would fax it over to the police. They raided the house within about 4 months.

The dealer's brother-in-law moved in and he was a real nice guy. Until he got a pitbull-lab mix that would get out and chase people in the neighborhood. Tom called the warden on the dog and it was taken away. The neighbor found out it was us and now we're mortal enemies. Do pray for us!

Overall life is good. Just trying to make ends meet!

Holly: Holly is pregnant!! Yes! We're due with #5 in February, mid-February I guess. We are praying for a girl. We hope the Lord is merciful! We would love another boy though, of course.

Holly has also been accepted to go to school to learn to be an NFP Practitioner with the Pope Paul VI institute. She will be learning and teaching the Creighton Model of NFP. This method has not only help people avoid and conceive but helped infertile couples conceive as well. Not only that Doctors who are taught in the method can also help with other reproductive problems and women's health issues. The training takes 13 months with two 10-day trips to Omaha, NB. Tom's not looking forward to those trips, heh.

Holly has been a La Leche League Leader for a while now and has helped many women, but while she's beginning training she'll be going inactive in that.

Holly's been the head of one of the K4J programs in Columbus here. It's a program by Regnum Christi that she is a part of. It's great for the boys, they learn a lot about God. After one meeting they came home, made a 'church' in the back yard and played mass for three days!

Daniel: Daniel will be entering 2nd grade. He's going great in school. His reading is really taking off. He got great marks for reading on his testing he had to do. Funny though, he got an award at school for his great math. He can do math, but it's not one of his strong points!

Dan is a great helper when he wants to be. He really does go the extra mile. He's getting stronger so he likes to use his muscles to carry things for mom.

He's still chewing on things. We've had more than one person suggest pica to us. He's not eating stuff though, he just chews on it. I know many people chew up pens and stuff. Dan does that and more. Erasures, toys, remote controls, you name it. His teacher allowed him to chew gum in school and it cut out his chewing on things completely. Holly believes it's a nervous thing. We don't know, we just can't wait until it's over.

It's great that Dan's getting so much older we can do more "big-boy" things together. We just have a great time flying kites, fishing, and more. And his growth in the Lord is great. He still has to work on mass conduct but he's very open to learning his faith and teaching others.

Paul: Paul is our math wiz. He almost never counts on his fingers or uses tools on the paper to figure out math problems. He's amazingly great at math. Although he's struggling with reading. He doesn't like to do it. Although when he really tries he does great; he can sound out words excellently. Funny though, in school he got an award for great writing. I think Paul and Dan should trade awards.

Paul had his 6th birthday this week. His party was today. We had a science party. Paul is really big into science and non-fiction. The other day at the library he wanted books on submarines, flight and nuclear power. Yes, Nuclear power! He loves everything science. He really wants a microscope.

Paul is the self-proclaimed protector of Dominic. Anyone who bothers him including his brothers, he attacks without provocation. Sometimes to the point that we need to restrain him! Then again, if Dominic is brothering him, he has no problem pushing him around. It's all subjective!

Jonathan: Jonathan is our girly man. Sorry, Jon, you're going to read this in 10 years and see your father calling you this. Well, buck up and be a man! I love you, my son.

Jonathan is just hilarious. He gets hurt and sometimes he'll throw himself down but other times he falls for another reason, he'll cry on the ground and complain he can't get up. He will literally fake like he's trying to get up and fall back crying that he can't get up. It's so laughable! For him everything is a tragedy. The whining is fairly annoying.

Holly has him in his "house school" it's a Montessori class that takes place in someone's home during the school year. It's like 6 weeks long. He loves it. He is excited to start kindergarten. He'll have to wait another year though!

Jon can be a very loving son. He likes to sit together with us and just be there. When Tom has stubble on his face, he loves to touch it. When Tom shaves, he gets upset.

Dominic: Dominic is two and it shows. He is a holy terror much of the time! His favorite word now is "no". He says it for everything even things he wants. That is just like Jon when he was his age.

Dominic loves balls. He's got a great arm too. He can throw real well. We played basketball today, it was fun.

He is starting to use words now. They are mostly understandable. For the longest time we were wondering if he would ever talk! I think he's a little late to start using words but every child is different.

Dominic and Thomas created a great bond. He cheers when Tom's gone and he come back, he loves to sit with him. He will sometimes go to Tom when he's hurt instead of Holly. Tom is very happy with the arrangement. Finally one of the boys prefers him some of the time!

We think he is one of the cutest babies, we just want to enter him into contests. Perhaps someday this website will be found and someone will offer him a modeling contract. heh. Pipe dreams.