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June 2004 Update
Uploaded on June 6, 2004

So, it's june, it's been a while since the last update. What's happened? Lots. After much deliberation, we got a fence for the house. It was expensive and we couldn't afford it but it was deemed a necessity for how many times we've had people through our yard, 15+ kids in the back and the one time we had our back door window smashed with a rock. After a few weeks of building, it is done! It's nice to have a fence.

The network in our house was hit a couple of weeks ago by lightening in a storm. It came in through our Cable modem and the two computers that were capable of the fastest internet speed (Gigabit Ethernet) were knocked out. The others survived. But since then I've been having nothing but trouble trying to get things back up and running. I'm still having trouble with a monitor but I'm not show related it is.

We go on vacation next week, and it's truly a needed vacation. Holly hasn't had one in two years and I feel like it's been two years since I had one! We're going to Florida to visit with Grandma Mary and Thomas' sisters. We're looking forward to it. The two-day drive down is another story!

Check the individuals for more.

Thomas: Nothing much is going on with Tom. For the most part he's been having nothing but medical problems. We won't go into that. Let this be the start of a year of losing weight and just being healthy! Tom turns 31 in two days. Whoo hoo!

Holly: Holly's been feeling it when it comes to raising four boys so close in age. We like to say, "We have this chemical reaction, if you take one element away, say to Grandma & Grandpa's house, the whole solution stabalizes" This is quite true. Whenever all four are together, well, the 'top three' I guess, they're just out of control.

Taking Dan back and forth to school everyday has been tough as well, but worth it. Dan's in a great school and Paul will be going there next year.

Daniel: Dan just finished his first year of school. Kindergarten. He did very well. We're very proud of him. One major thing we learned this year with Dan, if he doesn't get enough sleep, he had a BAD day at school the next day.

Dan had a crush on a girl in school named Barbara, she was cute (see the pictures). His teacher was impressed with his abilities and how much he loved to share.

Dan is a great help with the younger boys, especially Dominic.

Paul: Paul is our 'strongest' child in all aspects including will. He has taken up a nasty habit of calling people names when he's upset. He doesn't get away with it but man he keeps doing it. We're looking forward to him starting school in the fall. heh.

On the great side, Paul is also the most imaginative, he can play by himself for hours, he makes up games, he builds things from scratch, he's just very creative.

Jonathan: Jonathan is, well he's 3. It's funny, it was his birthday and we'd say, "Jon, you're 3 today!" and he'd argue "No! I'm 2!" he'd get so mad. He was very happy to get all his presents though!

Jon is worse than Dan when it comes to refusing to eat new foods. We've started to get hard-nosed with him and hoping it's going to change things, we'll see, we've never had much luck with our boys and eating.

Dominic: Dominic is growing. He's so cute, I know I said that about all my boys, I don't want him to ever grow up though, he must stay like this. Heh. It's funny though, on a frustrating morning Holly was upset with Dominic for just being upset at everything and she said, "I hate this age!!" and then later that afternoon he was being so cute and she said, "Oh, I just love this age!" Tom had to remind her of her earlier statements, it was kinda funny.

Dominic is by far our best eater. I didn't know that a child could eat like this child does. He eats everything. You put it in front of him and he will eat it. It's GREAT!

Dominic will turn 1 on June 20.