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October, 1999 update
Uploaded on October 21, 1999

Well, let's see, these pictures are about 1 month old but I've been very busy.

Me & Virtual Construction: Things are going well, business is very busy, I'm working harder than ever. I just found out this week that I have alergies! Yes, and I've been miserable. I didn't think it was until Holly said, "Take one of my old Clariton" which she can't take because she's been pregnant and nursing. Well, I took it and I felt GREAT! Like Tony the Tiger. So, I'm seeing the doc on Teusday to get some more, because I ran out of hers tonight! (Oh no!)

Holly: Well, she's not here for me to verify with her so I hope she doesn't kill me for what I say. Holly is adjusting to having two children. I think she's doing great. She just came back from a wedding in Mass which she was able to go to and see her Household sisters. That's great. I had Daniel for the weekend and he did great.

Daniel: He's adjusted to life with a brother now. He realizes that he doesn't get all the attention anymore which is hard on him. He has gotten into habits of being bad to get attention. It's hard some days, I must say, most days I'm very angry with Dan for the things he does.

I'm having trouble being patient with him and that incessant whining when he wants something. He doesn't even start with a question type of noise to ask for something, he immediately goes into the whine. On the other hand, Daniel is learning new things and he can be a very loving boy when he wants to be. I am proud to be his father.

Paul: Paul is now smiling, he's so cute too! He loves to swing in the swing so we keep him in there a lot! :-) At times, he loves to lay on the floor and look at the board books we sit up next to him. He's got those cute little exclamations going on too. It's nice when they're this young. :-)