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Dominic Patrick
Uploaded on June 20, 2003

Hey! Today our fourth child came from his mother's womb! Dominic Patrick Deliduka was born at 11:23am today, June 20, 2003. He came into the world quitely, to be honest. We had to poke him to get him to cry. :-D He is doing well and weighs in at 8lbs 10oz and is 21 inches long.

One other important detail. While initially he looked like he had brownish hair, at closer inspection it looks a bit more red than brown. So looks like we may have another red head. I think Paul will be VERY happy about that!

Active labor was from 5am until 9:30am when Holly went into Transition which lasted until, well, you know. Delivery at 11:23. Holly, once again, showed how totally AWESOME she is in how she was able to handle the whole thing. I love you Holly!

A short back-story is that we went to the hospital on Thursday, yesterday, because she was having 10 minute contractions but they sent us home. We DID NOT do anything to stimulate labor, despite family, friends, and neighbors urging us to (if you know what I mean.) Just wanna set the record straight on that. ;-)

Anyway, guess you wanna see what he looks like huh? Go to the pictures!