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Christmas 2002
Uploaded on January 9, 2003

For Christmas we went to Florida to visit with Tom's family. The two-day drive was nice, the boys held up well, and the stay in Florida was fun. We all had a good time.

I can't remember if this is in the other reports or not but we're expecting #4! He/She is due June 25. We're excited for the baby, Holly is starting to show, its nice to see her pregnant. She is handling the pregnancy great without hardly any morning sickness.

So far this winter, Holly and the boys have gotten sick three times with colds and what-not and I haven't contracted any of them. I should count my blessings! Holly's wondering why the heck I'm not getting sick!

Daniel: Dan is really growing up. Apart from his absolute fit today at Sam's club, his tantrums are almost nonexistant and he's extremely helpful around the house. He helps clean up the house real well, he helps with Jonathan, he's just really turning out nice.

In the fall we'll be starting him in Kindergarten at Our Lady of Bethlehem school here in Columbus. We have heard rave reviews on it.

Holly was going to homeschool him but her attempts to do so here have failed not because Daniel wasn't receptive but because when she tries to give him devoted attention that's the time when the other two boys start clawing all over her to be with them. They see she's doing one-on-on with him and don't like it.

In the end Holly said that she would like to homeschool him and still may in the future but right now for his own good, she needs to get him into a class where he'll have a better chance of learning without his brother's distractions.

Paul: My goodness, Paul is very very sweet, when he wants to be. He is our worst, so far, with following instructions, doing what he's told, and paying attention. Holly said today he was walking around the house with this look on his face that seemed to say, "hmmm, where can I get in trouble now.." she headed it off with some activities the boys all could play together.

Paul is very imaginative, he invented "Finger" formerly "Mr. Finger" who is, you guessed it, his finger. It is a personality of it's own and is blamed for all sorts of things! Finger is a rescue hero, very adept at using Cliff Hanger's hang glider.

He and Daniel can play for hours real well together. I think he'll miss him when he goes off to school. However, Holly is considering their preschool program for Paul if we can afford it.

Jonathan: Jon is starting to talk a little. He can say, "Jooss" for Juice and of of course mama, dada and no (new new new new)... and Um... I guess that's it. He's getting better though, he's communicating just not in our language yet.

He still loves being with Daniel and they get along great. Paul and him clash sometimes but they are getting better. He's real good at paying attention when you say "no!" to him like when he's doing something he's not supposed to be doing. it works well in public when he stops for me at my command and people are impressed. :-) However, lately it's only been about 50% of the time that he actually listens.