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Christmas 2001
Uploaded on January 7, 2002

It's been a real long time since we put up a big update. We did put a small text update up in November but no images. Now that our scanner is fixed though we have some more images.

Our Christmas went well. it's our last year to have a real tree. Tom was saying today that while he's sad that we're not going to have a real tree next year, he's glad that we're not going to have a real tree next year.

Basically, we found that we had small allergies, nothing large but also with Holly's sister working at a craft store. We got a huge deal on an artificial. hee hee.

The tree, however, is not the reason for the season though, Christ is. And we had a good time sharing with the boys all about Jesus' birth and stuff. Our parish has a nice large manger scene at the front and we would bring them up to see Jesus.

Yesterday (Sunday) we got our first significant snowfall of the year. Holly got to go play with the boys outside while Tom took a nap; up late as usual. She had fun. This morning Tom got to shovel the driveway! yay! It was good excercise. *wink*

Here's news on the boys...

Dan and Paul: We figured we'd lump them together since they are doing much of the same things.

One significant thing that Holly found out a bit ago was that Dan and Paul like to have organized arguments. While driving in the car she heard Dan say, "Okay, I'll say 'yes' you say 'no'" and they then proceeded to yell at each other "Yes!" "No!" having such a great time!

Lately, especially after Christmas, they have been playing quite well together. It's been nice to see them nice to each other. Such a change from the normal routine of the "if he's got that toy I must have that one too." type of playing. Granted, they still fight but their together play has gotten better too.

Paul, today, decided to try his hand at potty training. Wore his first pair of underwear... for about 2 hours. It's a start anyway!

Jonathan: Jon has mastered crawling (for quite a few months now) and pulling himself up. He's quite mobile which is good and bad. Bathroom doors need to stay shut. He often tries to climb the steps, that's a bit dangerous!

We're finding that Jonathan has a nice disposition. He's generally in a good mood and is easily made happy by watching his brothers wrestle and play. Holly says it's cuz he wasn't forced out of the womb like the other boys. heh.

Jonathan does really like to interact with all of us. When Holly or Tom are playing with Dan and Paul on the floor kinda rough-housing Jon gets excited and wants to join in. He so wants to play with his brothers it's sad (and cute) sometimes when Dan has to pick him up and move him away from their car tracks or something.

Well, that's pretty much all the family news.