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November 2001
Uploaded on November 12, 2001

Unfortunately, due to a small malfunction with our scanner, there's no pictures this time! Hopefully soon though!

Family News: It's been one year now in our new house. We're beginning to paint! The video I put up named, Color! shows some of what we did to our front room. We've also added a border to that and painted the family room a greenish color with a nice country border.

We're settling in pretty nicely here with new trees and new neighbors who are very nice.

Daniel: Daniel has finished up his first session in Preschool Sunday school. He had a good time. Each Sunday he would say, "I want to go learn about God."

We also enrolled him in some classes at the local rec center. One was a cooking class which we were hoping he would start trying new foods in it. So far he would bake everything but then say, "I don't like that." when it came time to eat.

Dan is turning 4 on November 14, only 2 days from today. He's very excited to be a 'big boy' and we've told him that 4 year olds eat big boy food like chicken, hot dogs and other stuff so he MAY try something new. It's funny that Paul eats all this stuff no problem but Dan, who is older, will say, "When I'm a big boy, I will eat that."

Dan is a great helper with Jonathan. He loves to play with him and dance in front of him and makes Jon laugh a lot.

Paul: Paul is 2. That is about all I have to say about that.

Paul is using the potty a bit. He normally runs to the bathroom in between getting his dirty diaper off and his clean one on. He's so proud of himself when he makes a "deposit".

He's very cute when he talks and says, "O'day daddy!" (or Mommy) and he's very polite says "please" (when reminded) "Thank you" and "You're Welcome". In fact, he always remembered to thank the people when trick-or-treating. When he's playing on a toy-phone he always blows kisses when saying good bye, even to Bob the Builder.

Jonathan: Jonathan has recently started army crawling! And in a big way, we are having to clear the room of any debris nowadays which is hard with two others putting it down after you pick it up!

As we said, he loves his big brother Daniel and laughs at him a lot. Paul tries his best to play with him but can't understand how to be gentle.

Jon has 4 teeth on top and two on the bottom; don't put your fingers near his mouth! We've started giving him a little banana but that's all as far as people food.

We're working on some video of the boys and hope to have it up soon.