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June 2001 Update
Uploaded on June 18, 2001

*whew* it's been forever since I updated this thing. I know, I updated the 'face' of it but no new pics forever.

Well, here they are, finally. I am happy to present the new pictures.

Daniel: Dan is doing well, he's growing up to be a very fine little boy. He's very well mannered (in speech) and getting better in his actions. He still has his days they're getting fewer.

Dan is in full-fledged potty training mode. We've been trying for close to two years now but it's never really taken until now. Last week he had no accidents at all. He's not trained at night but that's to be expected.

Paul: Well, Paul is going full-swing into toddlerhood with the tantrums and all. The great thing is that Paul is NOT like Dan in that when he's not allowed to do something, he doesn't spend the next 4 hours fighting you for it. He'll give up and move on after a minute or two. That makes him SO much easier to handle.

He has regressed a bit with the advent of Jonathan. He has started nursing a bit more and been clinging to Holly more. It's hard sometimes. Holly is getting more frustrated with him, it's hard to let go of the frustration and help him get through his tough times.

All-in-all, Paul has a great disposition. And he can eat! I mean. Dan is still only wanting noodles, rice, mashed potatoes and a small bit of other things. NO meat whatsoever. But Paul, he eats everything a lot. It's great.

Dan says, "When I grow big, I will eat ____" (fill in the blank) I say to him that he won't get to grow big unless he eats those things. Our rule is, when Dan eats "Big Boy food" then he will be allowed to have Ice Cream after dinner for dessert (a big boy dessert). Hasn't quite made an impact yet. We'll see when he's four.

Jonathan: Little Jon, he's growing quite big. He grew out of his first onsies within a couple of weeks. He is starting to smile. His disposition, so far, is very nice. He enjoys just sitting and watching Holly. He is in 'awe' of her.

Family News: Not much to say. Tom had his birthday back on June 8, it was great. (28).

On Father's Day we went to Holly's Parent's house and Tom took Daniel out for his first fishing lesson. It was great. Dan eventually caught a small fish and did it all by himself.

If you didn't notice we got a new video camera for the birth of Jonathan (a 'must' in our book) and are taking advantage of it by way of putting videos online. we created the 'movies' section of this site to show them. Off. We will be putting up a movie of Dan's catch shortly after this update. And there will be a picture in the update here.