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September 2002
Uploaded on September 7, 2002

It's been 9 months since the last update. Funny how in the beginning we would do this almost every month. Well, for the longest time we had no still-camera, it is lost. There were a few movies put up because we still have the video camera. We recently found a digital camera that we've been watching the price on for a while so we picked it up. Now we can update a little more often.

For those of you who don't know, we got a cat. Her name is sugar and she's about 1 1/2 years old. We got the cat because we had terrible terrible mouse problems. When we heard the mouse scratching a whole in the corner of our bedroom and the next night saw that it ran accross our bed IN THE NEWLY PUT ON SHEETS we decided it was time to get a cat. The pest service we hired wasn't doing their job so we got our money back and bought a cat.

She is great. And she did catch a mouse! Since then there's been no activity that we've found in any of the usual spots and no new things found. If they come back, we'll be ready.

There is a movie in our movie section introducing our new cat.

Tom: There's not a lot of new news to report. Hopefully within a couple of months there will be some big news to tell everyone but for now there is nothing major.

I am now on the core team of a group we're starting up in Columbus called Theology and a Pub which is basically just like "Theology on Tap" if you're heard of that but it's not using that name. I manage the website and I desperately want people to go there and contribute but nobody who goes to T.A.P. ever does. We want it to be a place where people can share articles, news, and other stuff. So now I plugged it, and even if you're not in Columbus, go there, register and contribute!

Other than that, I'm pretty much just working. My company, New Eve, has gone through a name change. It's still New Eve, Inc. but our brand is "Xenocast" which xeno means different. It is a different form of broadcasting. We're getting into websites, hosting, broadcast, print media and anything else having to do with information. It should be good.

That's about it for me.

Holly: Holly is still working towards her La Leche Leadership. It's a little slow going with three boys to handle during the day and at night she's too tired to do anything else. She's also got Regnum Christi which takes up some of her time but she is balancing.

She's busy looking into homeschooling Daniel and keeping the boys busy with storytime and a montesory class which they'll be going to once a week for 10 weeks.

Currently she's downstairs making zuccini bread from the produce from our garden. She gave on trying to do the canning of our tomatoes which she didn't have time to do today.

Daniel: Daniel is eager to take classes and is very excited to learn to read. Holly is taking him through a workbook right now and she says that she'll explain for him the instructions on a particular page of the book and then go to do some pre-school stuff with Paul and find that Daniel has done it so quickly he's already on to another page before she can get very far with Paul. He's just too quick, I guess it's a bit too easy for him but it's designed to help him eventually learn to read.

He's becoming a real good helper and shows a lot of love towards Jonathan. I think they have a small bond, Daniel explained to Holly that he decided to stop nursing when Jonathan came as a gift to him. I think that somehow made him closer, emotionally, towards Jon and it shows.

Paul: Paul is a very sweet boy. He has this running question to us, "Dad, what sound does a Elephant and a Aligator make?" I say, "What?" he says, "Rahh!, Bahh!" You honestly have to hear it it's just hilarious. Perhaps I'll get it in a sound byte someday and post it on here.

On the other side of Paul's personality is his stubbornness. I guess that is to be expected for a 3-year-old. He is pushing his limits to the furthest point a lot and we're constantly having to reign him in on house rules like no food outside the kitchen. (This rule has saved our carpets from having to be scrubbed every few weeks.)

He's still very small and we affectionally call him, "Paul the Small" he likes it.

Jonathan: Well, Jonathan turned 1 year old on April 30. I know, that was a long time ago. Shortly after that he began walking full-time. He now, in addition to being able to climb the stairs, can go down them too.

He's starting to make word-sounds. He can mimik very nicely. He can say, "Daniel" but I think it's "Dahh-ul", "new new new new" (for "no"), and a few other things. I guess now he's 16 or 17 months? oh well, you do the math.

Jon has real bad food allergies though. He is officially allergic to eggs, dogs, nuts. But we're finding that milk and wheat are also real bad for him. He gets this bad rash and just acts very cranky.

Holly is also affected because he nurses and the stuff affects her there and since he gets a lot of his daily nutrition from Holly she has had to give up these things herself. it has been hard on her but she's doing very well. In fact, I have remarked how well she has adjusted, I would not have survived if I was her.

Because of the allergies, Jonathan has not been wanting to try new foods because of the way they make him feel. Lately though he's kinda forgotten about that because we have eliminated the problem foods, now he's starting to like some new things. Hopefully he won't be so allergic for too many more months/years.