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Here is where we have our links section. These are links to some of our favorite websites.

1 & 1 Domains and Hosting
 This is where we register our domains. They're a good cheap alternative to Go Daddy and their near-pornographic ads.
Catholic Answers
 Since we're not that awesome with Apologetics, we use this site to help us out. If you're not Catholic and you want to know the REAL meaning behind some of the Church's teachings visit this site.
Columbus Museum of Art
 This is where Thomas now works, he is the Director of Information Technology
Deal Mac
 I use Deal Mac to look for deals before buying almost anything computer related. Don't worry if you're not a Mac user, they have too!
Envoy Magazine
 Be an Envoy! Get Envoy Magazine! Envoy is great, they are in serious need for subscribers too. It's an apologetics Magazine which is really great to read. Go on, go sign up!
 And what's a Catholic-based without a link to EWTN? This is one of those 'musts' on the Internet if you're a Catholic and you run a website. The Eternal Word Television Network is great.
FertilityCare Centers of America
 Holly is a FertilityCare practitioner working with the Pope Paul VI Institute, and locally, Northeast OB/GYN to help infertile couples achieve and those who don't want to avoid. The method of NFP she teaches is called the "Creighten Model".
Glenn Beck
 Fast becoming Tom's favorite radio show. Glenn is awesome, you just have to listen to him. Check the Affiliate page for your local affiliate.
I Need Exercise!
 Yeah, it's our own website Tom decided to get when he was thinking these exact words. it's a work in progress. For now it's got links to other sites that provide fitness information.
La Leche League
 Holly is an inactive leader in the La Leche League. This is a great support for Mothers who wish to breastfeed but have reservations or even opposition to it.
Michael Tiernan
 Michael made a CD that is awesome, I recommend it to everyone. It's a beautiful acoustic CD.
Mor(e)on Trivia
 What is it? You'll have to read this description to find out.
NCCB Movie Reviews
 National Conference of Catholic Bishops website for Movie reviews.
Pair Networks
 This is my favorite hosting site. I host all my sites here, including this one.
Rush Limbaugh
 The Maha Rushie. The Doctor of Democracy.
Screen It!
 Movie reviews for parents.
Theology and a Pub
 A program going on here in the Columbus Diocese for young adults to go to a place where they can relax and hear a talk on Church teaching or Scripture or any other topic closely related to the Catholic Church.
Tom's Wish List
 Looking to get Tom a gift? Well, Here's his wish list. (I know, this is very cheezy but hey, it's worth a try right?) hee hee.
Urban Legends and Folklore
 Tom sends someone he knows to this website to lookup an article about once a month. It's a great website and it will help you weed through the hoaxes and (hopefully) put a dent in the number that are sent on.
 Necessary for the Mac User out there. And, hey, there's also a Windows Site out there too.