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December, 2000 Update
Uploaded on December 6, 2000

Me, cleaning off the driveway after a day of laying sod. This was just before closing.

One last picture of the family in the apartment.

Paul will smile for the camera anywhere he's sitting.

At the Irish festival in August, Dan tried his luck at the hammer game-thing.

It's a 1998 Toyota Sienna XLE. It's beautiful and we got a great deal.

In actuality, Dan wanted to be the king for Halloween but Paul liked to dress up the same.

How to perform CPR: First, check to see if they're awake.

Listen to their heart? I thought it was check for breathing! Paul, you fail this time!

Dan and his new puppets.

Just hanging out. (My brief stint with a beard this fall.)

Dan and Paul helping mom make cookies

Dan turns 3! Dan next to his new Car Garage. (Granpa Perkins in the background)

Amy, Grandma Perkins and Dan with his new Rescue Hero.

His rocket ship cake.

A quick picture just before Mass.

Our Grand turkey table for Thanksgiving.

Our family Thanksgiving dinner.
Left to Right: Chuck & Charlene Perkins,
Georgette (Amy's Friend), Amy, Dan, Holly, Thomas