Happy Birthday Daniel!
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2 years of Daniel, almost 4 months of Paul. This whole parenthood thing is nice but, I have my days of dreaming of a day away from all this! I'm sure Holly feels that way everyday. I must say at this point, I must give tribute to my wife, Holly. She, along with all other wives/mothers in the world, has the hardest job on the planet. Nothing I do at work will ever compare to the amount of work she puts in in a day just to take care of these children. She does a really great job too. I love you, Holly.

We recently switched to Cloth diapers. We are trying to save some money instead of paying over 80/month in diapers. What a job that is (and I don't even do half of it!). This is another example of how hard my wife works. Well, if you ever see a child wandering around and their diaper area is much larger than the average child, you can bet they're in cloth. Those things are so bulky it's hilarious!

Daniel is getting put into his room quite a bit for hitting and other bad activities. His favorite thing to do lately is to scream at Paul across the car to try to wake him up while he's sleeping. and Paul hates car rides so when he wakes, he screams the entire ride until you get him out. Daniel does has his sweeter side, it's just not coming out as often as it used to. Please God, let the Terrible twos be over soon!

Paul is definitely more fragile than Daniel. The slightest little problem, a little bump or anything, he goes into a frenzy. I've never heard a child so upset! He's starting to coo a lot more and he laughes so much. He loves when I grab his hands and raise them over his head, he just sticks his tongue out and laughes! Daniel likes it when Paul Smiles at him.

Holly and Tom? Well, we're going to get training on being NFP instructors for our Parish. Even though we haven't used it because we've got nothing to measure! (Holly still nursing quite a bit; suppresses... things.)

VC, I'm working very hard, I have many new clients and I see no end in sight! It's amazing, the Lord is so faithful. After the first of the year I'm probably going to hire someone either part-time or full-time. Unfortunately, the skill sets I need in a person are very hard to find and I'm willing to train but not a great deal. Lots of this stuff you can only get from experience. Anyone can make website, not anyone can make an online store that sells and utilizes a great deal of online marketing techniques.

I think this is it. Very long this time, sorry. There are many many pictures this month. I hope you enjoy them.

Baking with Dad Paul Smiling

Paul Smiling Again Daniel Eating a Banana

Servants of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus
Holly went to Jen LaFleur's (Sullivan) wedding. This was the picture of the Household Sisters of "Servants of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus" that were there.

Niagara Falls
Holly and I visited the Falls with Holly's Family for her Aunt's Birthday. This picture is for all my friends and Family who've never seen the falls.

Paul Happy
(Can you tell who just got done eating?)
Daniel & the Rainbow

Holly, Amy & Daniel Holly & Daniel

Back from under the Falls
Back from Under the falls!
Paul's big smile

Daniel's Self Portrait
Gee mom, what's this black thing? What's the round part in the middle?
Daniel was Larry Boy for the "harvest Party" at the Apartment Complex. This is without the hat..
This is with the hat! You can see that nothing was worn on the head that night. If you don't know who Larry Boy is, go here.