Happy Birthday Daniel!
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Here are some Excerpts from the Websites we put up between Daniel's second six months.

8 Months Excerpt Super Daniel

    Daniel is now 8 Months and is growing fine. He's getting more bored of his surroundings and is requiring us to entertain him more. He doesn't like his toys anymore. Still not crawling and he hasn't lifted his belly off the floor yet but he can do the army crawl just about anywhere. Actually he just finds a stationary object in his path and pulls on it until he gets there and then continues to where he wants to go.

9 Months Excerpt
Standing up
    Well, Daniel has now been outside of his Mother as much (or more) as he was inside. 9 Months. This is great.

    The newest thing he's doing is pulling himself up and standing. First it was the ottoman, then the couch, then the piano bench. And of course, whenever Dad is squatting, say to put paper into the computer printer. He will take such an opportunity to climb that mountain too.

10 Months
No site this month but this was Daniel's first time flying a kite. We went out to Edgewater Park in Cleveland and took in some flying. It was a fun day.

Flying a Kite
11 Months
No site this month either, but this is Daniel standing on his own, I believe at this time it was one of his first times. He looks so different now!
Standing on own.
12 Months Excerpt
We have some milestones this past month. In fact, it was just in the last week that Daniel was able to Stand on his own for about 10 seconds, I know it's not much but it's pretty good. He can crouch a little too, and then stand again. He's getting better. He loves to stand up and fall backwards onto his butt. It's pretty funny!

Not only is he able to stand, he can take a few steps. When he's excited and he's got the momentum, he can walk almost across the room. If he's just having fun and going slow, he can take up to 3 steps before falling. But I think he likes the falling part more than anything else. Especially because we catch him, I think when he starts falling forward and we aren't there to catch him, he won't like it as much!

Oh, and tooth #9 is coming in on top.