Happy Birthday Daniel!
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Easter Excerpt
The day started out with us Coloring Easter Eggs. Daniel politely watched as Holly and I colored the eggs. We gave him one which he promptly smashed on the table so it became a snack. Although, Daniel doesn't seem to like eggs so he didn't have any of it.

Side Note: I always make a joke saying that Daniel is the only boy in the world that can tell he doesn't like something just from the look of it. He doesn't need to smell or taste, he just knows. Give him a French Fry, he loves it, give him a tator tot, he hates it. It's pretty funny.

We took him outside and he had a ball, he picked up eggs put them in his little basket and went on to find more. (Well, we directed him to them) but it was very fun and cute.

19 Months Excerpt
Daniel now helps Holly out and puts his clothes away in his drawer. He will also throw things in the trash, even things that shouldn't be there... (his shorts). His temper trantrums continue but we don't pay attention. He's a very good boy with other children. Oh, and today, he knelt with us during Mass!
In the Dryer
20 Months Excerpt
Paul Michael is Born!
New Brother
23 Months Excerpt
He's adjusted to life with a brother now. He realizes that he doesn't get all the attention anymore which is hard on him. He has gotten into habits of being bad to get attention.

He's still overall a good kid.

New Brother
24 Months
The main stuff is on the Rest of us page but here's our little man at 24 Months old.
Hats with Dad