Happy Birthday Daniel!
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Here are some Excerpts from the Websites we put up between Daniel's third six months.

13 Months Excerpt

Since we don't have any film developed, [we have no picture this month]

Daniel is now walking much more, he's getting very stable but he still falls down when he gets too excited. It's interesting to see him walking though.

In other things, he's getting so many new teeth. He's got two on the bottom (one molar) coming in and about 3 on top. I'm amazed he's got so many and he's only 13 months.

We have a first word! It's very hard to tell what are words and what are not, he normally just jabbers like he's talking but nothing we can comprehend. The other day he said, "Yeth". Which I took as "Yes" and he now will answer simple questions like, "Do you need your diaper changed?"... "Yeth". "Are you the cutest boy in the world?", "Yeth". But to test him we asked, "Do you never want to nurse from mommy again?", and he didn't answer. I guess he doesn't know how to say no.

16 Months Excerpt
I know before I said he was talking, saying "Yeth" for "Yes" but now he's pretty much given all that up. We believe he said "Tickle" because he says that while we're tickling him. He will say "Ma ma ma" and it's starting to actually mean Mama whereas before he just did it.

He's got a mind of his own, very stubborn, just like a toddler. He has almost 16 teeth in his mouth, he's getting his 2 year molars already.

Daniel is a real joy to have around, even when he makes me mad because I'd rather to mad at him doing something wrong then to never have him in my life at all.

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18 Months
No site this Month. This is just before we moved, the little Adventurer!
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