Happy Birthday Daniel!
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Here are some Excerpts from the Websites we put up between Daniel's first six months.

In the Womb

This website consisted of just the image you see to the right. This was Daniel at 3 months in the womb. He was so small, I was expecting him to be larger. This was his first debut on the Internet. We had another one when he was 6 months along but couldn't find the image on my drive so I guess I never scanned it.
In the Womb
4 Months
Skipping ahead, we put up some at 2 & 3 months but don't have any of the original images or sites. We don't have the original website from this month but we have a picture. This is Daniel signing his Social Security Card because it said on the paper when you receive it "Sign this card immediately."
Signing SS Card
5 Months Excerpt
Our Boy is now 5 Months old, he's a trooper. We've got teeth, many smiles and lots of fun! (And lots of frustration too.) Daniel is now wanting more attention while he's awake. So Holly doesn't get as much work done during the day as she'd like to.

He has recently started a nice little thing which is: cough-like-I'm-gagging-and-mommy-and-daddy-will-pay-attention-to-me.

But the nice things is that he sings with us at Mass and loves to talk. I know he's not saying actual words but I can tell he's trying to communicate... he'll get an earnest look on his face like he's really got something to say and just start jabbering. It's cute. He can transfer toys from one hand to another and pick things up, but of course, they all go in his mouth.

Smiling in Chair
6 Months Excerpt
Daniel now has 3 full teeth in and 3 that are just cutting the surface. He's found a fascination with cups lately, it's weird. He's now eating fruits and vegatables (and cereal) once, sometimes twice a day. He's come up with the cutest little noises which just make our hearts cry with joy.

Just after putting up last month's message saying that he doesn't roll over, low and behold, he rolled over 4 times in two days! Then he decided he just would rather lie on his belly and scream until we pick him up or roll him over manually.

[The picture is Amy Perkins' (Holly's Sister) Graduation]

Graduation with Amy